Questions regarding what games are allowed/not allowed on Console

Hi, so my friend is developing a game much like Darkness by Loleris (which I’m sure a lot of you guys are familiar with, but if you’re not it’s basically a horror game where a player is chosen to be the beast, who’s job is to kill all the other players in the game, while the other players are given weapons and have to kill the beast.) He’s trying to find out if this genre of game is allowed to be played on console. It states no violence apparently, but I think that’s regarding the specific details such as no blood/gore, drugs, etc?

Not really sure…he did tell me there are small blood particles as well, but I’m just trying to collect as much info as I can for him. Thanks!

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I would remove the blood particles just not to risk it.

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In my time playing xbox, I have seen games seemingly breaking the xbox (game) TOS, for example apocalypse rising, entry point, etc are all in xbox without repercussions. I would say to play it safe, and not add too much gore or anything of the sort.

All in all try to treat it like a regular roblox game.

A short note here: If the game involves lots of communication I would not suggest adding it to xbox, as we cannot communicate with anyone besides 3rd party chats (discord) or other xbox players.

Anyway, wish you luck!

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If my game has chat enabled will I still be able to publish it on consoles?

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Yes, as long as it is the default chat the game will be fine as roblox automatically removes it.

However if you use a custom one, it will most likely be content deleted or taken off xbox.