Question(s) related to Roblox's TOS rule about giving away Robux

Hi! I have a few questions regarding Roblox’s TOS rule that talks about how it is ‘prohibited’ to give others Robux (unless it is a physical gift card you are handing somebody or something like that):

Below are my questions. I would just like to make it clear that I have checked a few other posts related to what I am curious about, but I do not believe they answer my question completely.

  1. I have noticed that there are popular games out there that allow players to “donate Robux” to other fellow players who have set up certain donation amounts at a booth, and they seem to use Roblox’s MarketPlaceService/Prompt Purchasing features to make the transactions.
    Would it be breaking Roblox TOS to create a group game where it’s main purpose is to hold a giveaway, and award the winner through a prompt purchase through the game (if it’s possible through scripting)?

  2. Related to my first question, what if rewarding a player is allowed to be done (as long as it is done through a prompt purchase)? If that is allowed, but the whole idea of making a game that is clearly displayed as a “giveaway” game is not allowed, could I just make an actual game that players can play/do something in for the time being, and then basically host “events” in that game from time to time where the winner of the event would have their item bought via prompt purchase)?

Any help/answers to my curious question would be greatly appreciated,

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Saying you are giving away robux would be violating the TOS. But buying other people’s products (like Please Donate) is technically allowed. If you wanted to make a group game that randomly prompts you an item purchase from someone in the group, and you buy it, that would be okay. Just don’t say you’re giving away robux or promising it in any way, or roblox will consider it scamming. (I learned this the hard way)

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much for the response!