Questions/Problems uprising for a up-and-coming RNG game

I’m just curious about this. I’m making a RNG game is ‘Games RNG’. A Random Number Generator Game where you try and get the most popular games on Roblox by rolling a dice! They each have their own value and you can sell them on the marketplace (In the game) and earn cash to buy other games to show off to your friends. The top 10 most popular games will have special effects. Most games will have a corresponding effects depending on how rare it is! You can also trade your games to others to try get better games to earn, sell and show to people.

All the rarities
Rarity Names/Rarity Colour/Number Rarity:
Common - White - 1/2
Uncommon - Black - 1/4
Rare - Green - 1/10
Epic - Yellow - 1/25
Unique - Baby Blue - 1/40
Thrilling - Grey - 1/60
Marvellous - Pink - 1/100
Divine - Light yellow - 1/250
Legendary - Gold - 1/333
Surreal - Salmon - 1/500
Charmed - Aqua - 1/1000
Obscure - Navy - 1/2000
Majestic - Indigo - 1/5000
Mythic - Magenta - 1/7500
Phenomenal - Lavender - 1/10,000
Unparalleled - Coral - 1/50,000
Immemorial - Ruby - 1/99,999
Enchanted - Emerald - 1/250,000
Supernatural - Mint Green - 1/500,000
Vortex - Marron - 1/666,666
Translucent - Marigold 1/999,999
Surreptitious - Crimson 1/2,000,000
Astronomical - Azure 1/10,000,000
Unimpeachable - Sienna 1/100,000,000
Quintessential - Tangerine 1/1,000,000,000
Zephyrous - Invisible 1/10,000,000,000
Infinite - Dark Grey 1/100,000,000,000
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Depends on game theme 1/999,999,999,999

But I have a slight problem. For example for the rarity common, games with a minimum of 10k visits and a maximum of 20k visits all games will be set in that category. Would that work? Or do we need to put games manually? And we are thinking about the game being copyrighted due to using the game icons for the popular games. Could we do that or not? And also, what are some unique ideas and things I can do to make this game more engaging?


Like The Steam Banana game??? :banana:
Gambling Fallancy is surreal man.
Itself is enough to keep human engaged


It is the wrong category for this kind of question: #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

You can, but it will take forever. There is hundreds of thousands games above 10k visits.
Not sure if there is an API for that though.

However you could do the same than Players RNG, get a random Game ID and use an API to check its stats, then select a rarity depending of it.

This could effectively be an issue, your game could be taken down by developers of popular games if you use their icon, game name ect…


sir you putting this topic on the wrong category
it should be on #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

but the answer for me is Great but yea ;ike crygen said it takes forever probably not more than a 3 year :v


Oop, mb guys, i’ll do it right now


Can’t I just find the games ids between the visits? Would that be easier?

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I could add like a notice frame where the developer of a certain game can tell us if they want their game to be taken down?


Before I say anything more, I still feel like it’s my moral obligation to say this:

RNG games are cringe, cashgrabs, and barely count as a game. Unless you’re desperate, I’d find better uses for my time than attempting to dump more pollution on the homepage. Also you probably should post this on #help-and-feedback:scripting-support (sorry-- didn’t realized that you already changed it). And even then, I doubt you’ll find much help there, considering the fact that having “RNG” in your title is dev-forum-repellant and amount of times you reposted this topic…

But even with all that said, this is still kind of an interesting question. To answer your question, there are certain parts of this you can automate using Roblox’s HTTP Service. While you’d have to find the users or groups yourself or through a web scraper, you can use Roblox’s Website HTTP API to go from User/group to gameID, then{UniverseIDs} (replace curly brackets with the game’s universe) to go from gameID to player count. Someone else asked a question similar to this in the past,, and this is something that’s been on my bucket list for a while.

As for this:

It’s always better to ask for permission instead of begging for forgiveness, especially when I KNOW you’re gonna try to monetize the heck off of their name and property without their permission. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could do this legally (they probably publish experiences under some Creative Commons license-- check the Roblox ToS), but this seems like a great way to make enemies…


he didnt even put any script on it why should it be on #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

That was a typo, lol-- I’m used to seeing posts from #development-discussion actually belong in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, and I wrote that part while this post was still in the wrong category (took me a bit to hunt down the stuff I linked). I didn’t realize it was changed until you said something

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There is alot of words but I understand your comment. Thanks for that!