Quick Access Bar: Remove outdated and deprecated tools

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to scroll through the ‘Customize Quick Access Bar’ upon searching and gathering different tools for development.

Currently, there are a lot of outdated or long-used tools that have been changed throughout the years such as the Pan, or Rotate tool, and having these tools in the property itself makes it hard to scroll through important tools to implement to the hotbar, allowing these deprecated tools to be removed would be easier to find tools so these deprecated wouldn’t show up:

  • One Stud Grid
  • Pan Left / Right
  • Old building tools (Rotate, Rotate - Toggle)
  • Zoom to

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because these aren’t reliable nor helpful to the property itself, there are better tools to use and not these old tools back in 2013.

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Just because you don’t use some of these tools doesn’t mean they aren’t important to others…?

This is especially true with “Zoom to.” When building in studio I use this all the time. It is incredibly useful if you have many things in your workspace and are looking through Explorer to find the object you’re looking for. If I find an object, for example, through the search bar and I want to see where it is in the workspace so I know what I’m doing, I simply “Zoom to” the part. This is absolutely necessary.

Some of these tools aren’t as “deprecated” and “outdated” as you say.


I have to agree with @M_caw.

While I don’t use them via the quick access, I use Zoom To and Rotate all the time. If my camera is far away from what I intend to be focused on, I just tap F and it zooms straight to the area I’ve selected. It’s probably one of my most used shortcuts.

Similarly, I much prefer to just tap CTRL+R to rotate what I’m working on 90°, rather than having to open up the rotate tool and manually turning the part 90°.

Even if these tools are uncommonly used via quick access, they are still used with keyboard shortcuts. The easiest solution to this is use the search bar that the customisation window gives you.