Quick Crossy Road

Made it in roughly 3-4 hours. (Building chickens r hard, k)
I might add more later to the game… such as a train. :3 (And actual cars, rather then blocks…)

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great prototype.

Random generation trapped me in a corner, bawk.

you think that’s bad Ripull mate

looks fun. mmmmmm chicken. i am a cannibal carnivore!

Yea… those traps are totally meant to be there…

234 or 238, forgot. Cool game!

EDIT: New highscore is 376

This is really great, and really fun. My high score is 153 right now.

no gamepad support cmonn

The bug wasn’t game breaking since I was able to move out of the tree, but a bug is still a bug. Other than that, nice job so far.