Quick cutscene | What you guys think?

Shots Fired, Shots Fired! She escaping, Get her down!

It took me about One hour to make this, especially the animation and the where the camera will go, Used Alyx and Combine Sound lines from Half-Life.

Also, you guys can find the little dummy?


I like the character desuign but I dont like the fact that its 7 seconds long and has basically not too much of a context. I would also say to use blender for animations as I used it for 1 day and now I am basically a pro animator somehow. Like many people are surprised so ye.

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The animation is great, but I feel like it could be more expressive. During the running sequence, I recommend adding a little bit more movement to the torso and the arms. (Don’t add too much movement of course.)(also, by arms, I mean adding a little more up-down movements, combined with swinging as opposed to just arm swing) I do think the cutscene is amazing though. Feel free to take my suggestions with a grain of salt of course, but all and all, great work!