Quick Importer (Open Sourced)


    a. View The CreatorId of the asset and the asset’s name

    b. Import Assets using InsertService
  3. Source Code can be found here

Hello fellow developers, a recent issue I and many other user’s have had was importing assets from the Roblox Library without knowing who owns the asset or if the asset is owned by the intended user. Before you’d have to use InsertService to load the asset in game and copy & paste it back into workspace or browse through the library both in Studio or on the website to import the asset.

In recent times there have been many botted or cloned versions of pre-existing assets on the Roblox library and catalog. Some users may mistaken this faked assets as the real deal and insert it into their game with unintended consequences including,

  1. Viruses
  2. 3rd party teleports or products
  3. Lack of functions if the copy is older
  4. etc.

This can be devastating for the developer and it’s players if treated incorrectly and potentially ruin the project.

I’ve recently created a very basic plugin known as Quick Importer which the current version can be found here. I made it with the intent to hopefully help developers import assets with verified users. Now since this is a bare-bones and open-sourced plugin there currently isn’t much functionality. The reasoning for this project being open-sourced was so developers could edit it to their liking and to verify that this plugin isn’t malicious.

Quick Importer uses the following Roblox services,

  1. Players
  2. GroupService
  3. InsertService
  4. and MarketplaceService

Quick Importer is a basic plugin that requires the user to type in a valid AssetId in the TextBox object, once the plugin detects the text is changed it’ll check if the given AssetId is a valid interger and proceed to fill in the following information in a seperate text box,

  1. The creator id of the asset (both group and user)
    a. If the creator is a group it will fill in the some information of the group and if it’s a user, the user
  2. Will put a headshot of the user or group emblem in a separate image label and provide the User/Group name and id

It fills out this information in the textlabel object to help provide some more info on the asset creator and to help the user verify if the asset they’re importing is what they intended to import. Once they are ok with the asset and it’s creator they can push a “Confirm Import” button to insert the asset by default into the workspace. Once in workspace, the asset is by default put in a model, the inserted model’s name is then changed to “Asset: (Asset Id here)” with the actual model inside.
The plugin uses functions from the following services such as, InsertService:LoadAsset(), MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo(), Players:GetUserThumbnailAsync() to provide the creator’s headshot image, and GroupService:GetGroupInfoAsync() to provide group info if the creator is a group.

Overall, I hope this plugin will be of some benefit to the Roblox Community and help user with importing safe assets into their games. If you find any bugs or issues, please let me know either in the comments here or forum DM’s as this is my first real plugin.