Quick music piece I made

I made this music piece for my Galactic Empire group. Does it sound good, and what can I improve? Thanks!

It is meant to be simple and quick, though I am working on a longer music piece for the group.

P.S. I was thinking of calling it March of the Guards, or is there a better name for it?

Well one thing i would add is maybe some different instruments as drums aren’t a good solo instrument.

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Thanks! Though, I wanted it to sound like soldiers marching. Here is my inspiration. I will try adding more instruments.

Ehh if you’re for an extremely simple backtrack, this is pretty good! As for the name, I would try giving it a slightly more intense name since this the music is somewhat intense, maybe the Night time marchers or something similar to that.


Try a different drum pattern, do one kick and then several snares in quick successions in a pattern which spans two bars. It would sound more like a march if you did it that way.

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