Quick-Parent -- Parent your instances faster

Hello! I am Gameboy and happy to announce Quick-Parent!


Do you have a workspace that is unorganized and cluttered. Well, I am here to help you parent your instances faster using Quick-Parent!

What is Quick-Parent?

Quick parent is a plugin where you can set presets to parent instances that you have selected.


I made quick parent because I made a Devfurom post asking people what problems or issues they have in using studio so that I can make your life easier.

How do you use Quick-Parent?

To create a new preset, you are first going to select 1 object then click on the create preset button. Your new preset will be added to your list. Your presets will also save. There will be an option to remove, and your preset will get automatically removed if you delete the preset.

Here is a demo:

To use your preset first select as many instances as you want and then click on the preset that you made. All the instances you have selected will be parented to your preset.

Is it free??

Quick-Parent will always be free.

Install Quick-Parent HERE!

You can help support me financially by buying me a coffee

If you find any issues or ideas, feel free to let me know below!




Could you perhaps show us some images/videos of the plugin in action?

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Sure, just added the video in!

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Quick-Parent bugs fixed:

Presets going off-list
Presets not saving sometimes

Make sure to update quick-parent to get these updates!

There’s an issue with the plugin that I just noticed. Every time the plugin reloads it says it cannot find the preset and the preset is removed from the list.

So, there is no preset in the list, and it is saying cannot find the non-existing preset?

If this was the case this issue has been fixed!

The list had a preset before and it appears to save the preset, but it doesn’t appear to correctly save. The preset data does not persist after studio closes or a new file is opened, in which there was an error in the output saying that there was no preset data, but it appears to have saved it.

Okay, just incase I fixed it already can you update the plugin?

The plugin being updated, it does not save the presets, nor does it warn about the preset being nonexistent.

Yes, I currently removed all prompts in output to fix bugs. Currently on a tight schedule going to try to fix them asap.

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Hello, does this issue persist when you’re on a published file?

The issue appears to happen only on non-published places or files.

Yes, that is your issue. Just how you can’t use DataStoreService (plugin data or whatever) without a published place file you can’t store plugin data as well.

no offense but this is just useless. You could probably parent lots of objects way easier into another object without this plugin.

There’s actually another way to do this without data stores, which is via Plugin.SetSetting and Plugin.GetSetting. More information can be found here:
Plugin | Roblox Creator Documentation

Yes, I actually used those 2 functions.

Thanks for the feedback. I created this plugin because I made a post about me helping other’s make their life on studio easier. This plugin is not meant to absolutely be helpful to everyone since they have their own methods and such.

I feel like this doesn’t have too much of a use, though I appreciate the idea.

Maybe if this function was part of like a pack of a few functions, such as a pack that adds a bunch of new ways to improve the explorer??

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Definitely can be helpful to new people I bet! It’s still a smart way and a great way to learn about making plugins!!

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