Quick Question: Are new members permitted to create tags for threads?

Earlier I was discussing post formatting with a New Member who wished to apply certain formatting styles that I did for Bulletin Board threads and they came across the need to use custom tags. I told them that typing a nonexistent tag would prompt the option to create it, however they shared a screenshot with that option missing.

To note: when you type a tag that “doesn’t exist”, the text “Create: x” will show up. When the tag is created, the thread is automatically assigned that tag.

Are New Members unable to create tags for threads and must instead use ones that already exist? If so, I must inquire - why is this the case? I can probably guess though.



I tried to add non existing tags as a new member before and couldn’t, so I guess it’s still the same.


As a current new member, I’d just like to confirm that this is the case. I was only able to use existing tags upon testing it for myself.


Yes, I can also confirm new members do not seem to be able to make new tags, I feel like more info could be provided to new members in order to prevent confusion like this.

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Same, I cannot do so either.