Quick question concerning account age

Recently, there’s been an influx of alt accounts using exploits in my game, and I have come to the conclusion someone has made a ton of alts using a bot and open sourced them all for exploiters to use.

Fortunately, they all have a few things in common: They are all made on 12/16/20, or 12/17/20, and they all follow a few users: “Subbify”, " markswrId" and " nickiswrld".

With what I know, I was wondering, how would I calculate the days since 12/16/20 or 12/17/20 and reference the account age to a player who’s joining account age, and kick them if they are made between these dates? I know this is terrible user experience and there’s a slip chance someone who ISN’T an exploiter could be trying to play using this join date, but there’s THOUSANDS of these accounts (check the aforementioned users followings!), and having them roam around when no one is there to ban them is worse user experience.

Maybe make it so they have to have that account age and follow those 3 people they get kicked

I just looked for Subbify’s account and i see what you mean by thousands, it could be them behind it, try to investigate it with the moderation team if it continues

You can use api GET /user/following-exists at api.roblox.com, and there’s document: api.roblox.com/docs

Do NOT use that endpoint. It is deprecated and is pending removal extremely soon, (see here). Try using the Friends API instead.

Edit: As of January 28th, legacy followings and friends endpoints have been removed.

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I know the API would be one way to do it, but I don’t want 3 API calls every time someone joins, I was thinking more of a way to calculate the number of days since the two dates I mentioned from the current time and check if the account age matches!!

Hey @outcharm!

So the answer is yes, you can do this and frankly I agree with you and applaud your astutness, why call API’s when you have the data you need already. So here’s how that would work.

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local BadDates = {1608076800, 1608249599} -- Between 16th and 17th

    local Today = os.time()
    local AccountAge = Player.AccountAge*24*60*60
    local JoinDate = Today - AccountAge
    if JoinDate >= BadDates[1] and JoinDate <= BadDates[2] then
	    Player:Kick("No bots allowed.")

Hope this helps!

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