QUIck - Rapid UI Design Actions

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What is QUIck?

QUIck is a context menu plugin that allows you to perform commonly used UI design actions on selected objects faster. It has shortcut support, so you can add this menu to your keybinds for even faster access.

Some actions are also optionally animated to make the design process just a little more fun.

What can I do with this?

QUIck gives you access to several design actions. These include:

  • Remove Background
  • Remove Border
  • Fit to Parent
  • Scale Text
  • Quick Scale (Aspect ratio method to support different screen sizes)
  • Add Sensor (Invisible top-level TextButton that fills its parent)
  • Add Container (Invisible Frame that fills its parent)
  • Add Corner
  • Convert Corner to Scale
  • Convert Corner to Offset
  • Change to list layout
  • Change to grid layout
  • Add padding (all, individual sides, or empty)
  • Add text padding
  • Set to common aspect ratios
  • Add stroke (various sizes)
  • Add shadow (circular or rectangular)
  • Add gradient (2 colors, more coming soon)
  • Align (9 positions)
  • Convert size/position to scale/offset
  • Toggle animations on/off

QUIck actions apply to all currently selected objects. Actions that only apply to specific types of instances (such as UICorner) will skip any instances selected that are not of that type.

Getting Started

After installing and activating the plugin, you’ll see a QUIck icon appear in the Plugins tab of Studio. Clicking that icon will activate the context menu. Additionally, it is recommended that you add a custom shortcut (my preference is Alt + Q) in your Studio shortcuts. To set your own shortcut in Studio, click on File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts... and search for “quick”. The shortcut with the QUIck icon will activate the menu when pressed.

Want to suggest a new action or feature?

Join the [nxt_lvl] Discord Server! We have a suggestions forum where you can detail out any features you’d like to see added.

Thanks for looking!


Really cool and helpful, would have gotten it if it didn’t have a price tag of 200 robux.


Why use this over UIT? QUIck doesn’t seem to have that many more features, and the ones it does have don’t seem that useful imo.


It is similar, but UIT doesn’t have everything I wanted and there’s obviously no easy way for me to just throw my own actions into UIT unless I was going to tear into their source code. It seemed better, in my opinion, to just make my own with the all features I wanted and then once that was built, I felt like making it publicly available.

I won’t do an exact feature comparison because I don’t think it’s necessary, but for some highlights, UIT only has 5 alignment points while QUIck has 9, including midpoints around edges instead of just center and corners. QUIck allows you to easily add drop shadows to objects. QUIck can add smart padding for text. QUIck has options to add common kinds of strokes, aspect ratios and gradients, and QUIck is animated just for fun.


just bought the plugin
it is great, everything feels super smooth and easy to use

there is one thing i could pick up on tho;
when you press on the corner button i would like it to ask me how cornered i want my ui to be

other than that, great work with this plugin
will use a lot


It would be pretty useful for Developers have to repeat tedious work over again, and would save time! Thanks for sharing this!


Clean, nice UI as well. Great job!