Quick Rename - Rename objects using a shortcut

Plugin: Quick Rename - Roblox

I was on Studio working on some project and it was a bit tedious when renaming a lot of objects at once. I then made came up with a quick little plugin that would allow for quick renaming using a shortcut. This plugin can also be used without a shortcut.

Note: Due to how plugins work as of now, it is not possible to use the shortcut when the script editor is open. Just make sure you switch to the viewport when you want to use the shortcut.

This plugin is so small and compact with a nice clean interface. Just throw it in a corner and you won’t even notice that it’s there.


How to use a shortcut:

Open “Customize Shortcuts”


Search for “quick” and it should show up.

I set my shortcut to “/” since its easily accessible but you can set it to whatever you like.


usually I double click the object to rename or I right click the object and click on “rename”

doesn’t seem much faster


It depends on your personal preference but if you have a habit of using this feature from other software and you need something similar for Roblox Studio then you’re definitely going to find this plugin useful.


Why not select the objects and click F2 on your keyboard to rename them?

Like what others mentioned, studio already provides simple ways of renaming. Honestly, I think people would prefer a robust renaming plugin that provides bulk renaming with numbering, case changing, unique names, and other tedious manipulations.

That shortcut doesn’t seem to work. Let me know if I’m missing something. But even if it does work, I think it would be very convenient if you could set your own shortcut.

That’s a wonderful idea. I hope you don’t mind me using your suggestion to improve this plugin and give it extra capabilities and features similar to what you have mentioned.

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I don’t get how is this useful, couldn’t you just select and press f2?

Let me clarify the usage of this plugin. As shown in the original topic post, this plugin gives you the ability to set a custom shortcut for renaming. As far as I can test in Studio, F2 only allows renaming for one single object at once. However, even if this worked, the functionality of the plugin is to give you the ability to set a custom shortcut to rename your objects. Setting a custom shortcut might not be what you want but a custom shortcut may be a functionality other people need as just as I needed it. This plugin is something that you might not need but for those developers who need this feature, this plugin is there to give them that additional functionality.