"Quick! Spell" is back in action

"Quick! Spell" is a game I made earlier this year, at around May. It was made quickly in about 3-4 hours on a late night as I was furious with myself for not publishing a single game, small or big. Because of that, I never tried to make a big deal out of it, nor did I try to push it to be successful.

I posted on this forum, just to see what other people thought of it and it was pretty much positive feedback. You let me know what parts you liked, what parts you disliked, and I was having huge plans already… but instead of updating the game regularly, I lost motivation and left it in the dumps for 4 months straight.

But those times are gone!

Because "Quick! Spell" is back in action! I have been working on it for a few days already, thinking and brainstorming ideas that will bring the game not only back to life but also make it more fun and take in consideration some of your suggestions.
Time to tell you what changed.

So what is added and what is removed? Well, in it’s core, the whole game code has been changed to make it more optimized and less messy. This will continue to improve as the game progresses. I’ve since deleted the points feature I had previously and replaced it with a small range of stats you can improve as you play further on.

Some of those stats are, but not limited to:

1. All time singleplayer games you played.
2. Highest amount of words you spelled in one singleplayer round.
3. All time duel games you played.
4. Highest amount of words you spelled in one duel round.
5. Your highest Rank.

Now I want to mention that originally I was gonna put your best WPM (Words per minute) instead of #2 and #4, respectful of the gamemode, but that did not work out well, so I scrapped the idea.

As you can tell I mention duels and your rank. What are duels? 1v1 spelling matches between you and your chosen opponent that you prompt through the leaderboard screen. I’ll be working on this feature for the how many days it’ll take me to finish it.

So what about the ranks? They’re on the last of my priorities at the moment and are supposed to go with a leveling up/XP system that I am supposed to put into place after duels. All in it’s due time.

Minor issue.

One of the main problems I encountered was mobile players struggling to see the chosen word and the timer due to Roblox pushing the UI above the screen when they focus on the TextBox and start typing. This has been worked around by adding a button that will bring down the UI a bit, so even if your keyboard is up, it’ll all be visible. Yay!

APIs are cool...

I spent some time digging through the internet 4 months ago, when I found this one really cool API that will fetch X amount of random words. I mean, it saves me time from writing custom words and it’s not gonna be that repetitive due to it’s huge library of words. Because of this, each server has a set of 150 randomly chosen words that will be used in singleplayer and duel battles.

We are done!

And you made it to the end of the list. Thank you for reading if you did, you can check out the game here and give me some of your thoughts and feedback uh- somewhere. Haha. See you whenever the next update comes out shrug