Quick Stairs - Quickly Create Stairs

Adding another plugin to my GeomTools Suite, Quick Stairs:


Uses an interface similar to the scale tool to provide a simple elegant interface for creating stairs:

Install here or just search “Stairs” in the toolbox:


Stravant be back at it once again! Thank you so much for this. It’ll save me so much time. :slight_smile:


Seems useful! Would be really cool if you added a functionality for spiral stairs.


Seems Interesting and useful i will for sure try it

Thank you! I can now build stairs without worrying too much!

Wow, this is awesome! Stairs are painful to make, thank you.

It’s great to see you back once more. Will the rest of the tools get a brush up?

I already updated GapFill / ResizeAlign to use a more modern UI based on HandleAdornments fairly recently. I generally value a simple elegant interface that can be immediately understood over adding a bunch of features.

Anything in particular that you want changed?


Very helpful! Any way you could add some option that extrudes the parts down to the position of the first part?

Wonderful, it moves fast and well useful because how are connected and goes up and down well done :+1:

I will definitely be using this! The Stravant plugins help greatly with creating showcases.

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You don’t know how much time I spent with stairs… Thanks!

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It looks really cool! Pls keep it up!

This looks amazing! Maybe something to look forward to in the future is more complex stairs like spiral stairs. :grinning:

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