Quick suggestion involving the search system

Why not let people have the option to remove things that aren’t relevant to what they’re looking for from the search bar?

I can explain. Say somebody’s trying to find some audio with the name “Punk” in it but all that shows up is dozens and dozens of pages of the same daft punk song over and over again uploaded by different people.

What i propose is a system that works similar to deviantart’s. In that you put a - sign before the term you want removed from the search in the search bar. [ Example: Punk -daft -lucky ]


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It would be astonishing (in a good way) if ROBLOX overhauled their search system to behave more like professional search systems. The current system did its job back in 2009, but with the amount of assets we have now, we do need a little more control over what appears in our search results.

The most control we have:
By user, tag from EITHER description or name (just name pls qq), and to sort by crappy relevant search that is never relevant.

I want the following options:

From name, description, or both
Created in the last X Y/Z
Ignore tag
Type of model: tool, model, script, ModuleScript, etc

And I’m sure I’ll think of more later.