Quick way to check for unused remote events

I store all my Remote events in a replicated storage folder. As I make changes to my code, it’s hard to keep track of all my Remote events. I sometimes remove functions and thus, certain remote events become deprecated. But it’s easy to forget to delete them from the replicated storage. Is there a plugin or something that tracks unused Remote events so I know which ones can be deleted?


You can use Find all (Ctrl + Shift + F), write the name of the RemoteEvent in the label and it will show you what scripts and what lines contain the name of the RemoteEvent, if you see that there’s no event connected to them when you search them up, then they’re unused and can be deleted

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Sounds a bit tacky, but not sure if there’s any other way.

Something you could do is to fire all the remote events in the folder and if one of them is not listening to OnServerEvent or OnClientEvent it’s going to drop a warning, not sure if it displays the name so before firing the remote you should also print its name.


-- Client
local RemoteFolder = ...
for _, Object in ipairs(RemoteFolder:GetDescendants()) do
   if Object:IsA("RemoteEvent") then
      print("[Client]: Firing", Object.Name); Object:Fire() -- it may error if no parameters are sent depending on your code
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oh wow, that’s a really really clever idea! i love it

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