Quickest Open in the West!

Why is the hotkey used for this the same hotkey that is normally used for printing things?

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Amazing, cant wait to use it in practice ;D

This is super neat! I’ve been wishing for this for years!

Does this model support fuzzy searching? Or is it purely string based.

Quick Open doesn’t show up in Customize Quick Access Bar.

In Customize Shortcuts

And in Customize Quick Access Bar.

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This is incredibly useful as is, but could be even better if it were possible to select multiple items from this list. There are many cases where I need to edit multiple identical instances each in faraway folders.

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3 Simple Words.


Thank you Roblox!

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Same! it will be really handy!

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This is a very magnificent change, this would definitely make the scripts/models more accessible.

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I really like this concept. Is there any chance that this can be brought up by the “Filter Workspace” search? I think that’d really help people get used to the new workflow.

P.S. GeneralRelish is our new king of meme announcement titles, sorry @CycloneUprising

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hey i have a question is working with script and model is cool?.

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The way they used the word modal wasn’t a misspelling, the modal is the child window that appears over the main window (Studio) and takes focus. Don’t blame you though, not used much outside software circles.


Yay! Now it is easier to get around. :heart:
Thank you! :smile:


I love this new update. Though, will there be a feature to keep this open permanently?

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Agreed, though it’s be lovely if it was incorporated directly to the explorer so new comers have a more easy experience with getting used to how things work, and will overall just improve the look of it.

Agreed, ROBLOX is definitely making some positive choices. Can’t wait for the release of custom materials and all the other special things they have planned on the development roadmap.

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Ohh, sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know.

Is there a way to search the datamodel for a property value? For example, I would like to locate a decal which has been removed (probably due to archiving a free model), so searching by the decal/image asset id would help:
18:07:30.756 - ContentProvider:PreloadAsync() failed for rbxthumb://type=Asset&id=1842967125&w=150&h=150

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That’s really cool! Now i can get to the things i need to get to without the pain of scrolling through the explorer :slightly_smiling_face:

Really liking this menu so far, but there is one thing I would like changed. When searching for an object, the menu has a delay before showing all of the objects full names. Seems like a minor inconvenience but when quick is in the name, I expect it to be quick :stuck_out_tongue:

As you can see in this example, there are quite a few modules named “Util” in our game

Thank. You. I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m glad to see its finally out!