Quickest Open in the West!

Hi developers,

Have you ever found yourself in a tense standoff with cattle rustlers where you need instant access to a script or instance in your DataModel? Well then, have we got a feature for you! Available today, the Quick Open tool provides instant search through all instances in your place.

The Quick Open modal can be accessed with the Cmd+P (Mac) / Ctrl+P (Windows) hotkey or under the Find menu on the toolbar. This opens a modal that enables search through all instances with some neat features:

  • Typing any character into the modal shows results with the matched part in bold
  • Pressing Down selects an item and Enter opens it. You can also use the mouse
    • Opening a script opens it in the Script Editor
    • Other instances are highlighted in the datamodel
  • Recent items are floated to the top of the list
  • You can search by instance name or path name
  • You can optionally respect case, only search scripts or use space as a wildcard character
  • In particularly thorny situations, you can even search using regular expressions!

Pressing Esc or clicking outside of the modal closes it.

None of this wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible work of @MetalMax2, @CaptainShipIt, and @windy0724!

Please let us know what you think!

EDIT (03/23/20): Quick Open now supports searching native Studio actions and PluginActions. Using Cmd+Alt+P (Mac) / Ctrl+Alt+P (Windows) or inserting a “>” at the beginning of your search will enable this functionality.


the quickest close in the west, too

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This is an awesome change, thanks! It’ll definitely make finding and opening scripts a lot easier from now on, especially in large projects.

Are there any plans to expand this to stuff like plugin actions? It could be really useful to access everything in Studio from the keyboard :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely amazing! This is incredibly convenient, thank you! :smiley:


Thank you so much, my scroll bar is too small in studio so this will save a lot of time.

I like the ‘recent’ functionality as well, that will help in the short term.


woooo sounds cool :100: :heart: :face_with_monocle:

Atleast I can now make folders and models without having to take 10 years to find the script


Will we eventually be able to search through instances via a property name? For example I want to find all Decals and ImageLabels with a specific image id. Right now this has to be done painstakingly through a script and setting your selection to those found objects.


What a wonderful addition, I am looking forwar… quick-switches away


Thank you been waiting for it!

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i really like this update i would think. i need to go back in studio to see

wheres is it all? studio just upgraded twice


This is a cool feature, but is way too big, a way to resize would be nice because it is unusable for me.


So basically, Find and Replace All, but updated. Neat!

I love keeping Find and Replace All open though, will this be an option in the future?

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Are we supposed to see everything that is behind the scenes for a place/game? (This is on a blank, baseplate template place.)

Also when you try to click on something that isn’t visible in the object explorer, It gives an error in the output saying: [The current identity (5) cannot Class security check (lacking permission 5)](rbxopenscript://www.dummy.com/dummy?scriptGuid=&gst=6#221) I’m asking this because If we can’t really do much with these objects, why do they have to show up and get in the way of the actual objects that we can mess with in the explorer.


ROBLOX IS A GOD! My 3rd post:

I just noticed in the same update the toolbox can be resized smaller.

Christmas came very early

Post may be off topic lemmie know and ill get rid of it


This feature is awesome, it should speed up my workflow! I would love to see this extended to support studio actions similar to VS code’s Ctrl + P, > feature too! :smile:


It may be best to file a separate feature request for that https://devforum.roblox.com/c/platform-feedback/engine-features/23 :slight_smile:


Very convinient! I can see myself using this alot lol

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Amazing! This is perfect for me, as I can see myself using this so much!

Thank You! :smile:

When using an invalid regular expression, a lot of QT errors appear.

Simple invalid regular expressions will trigger it. Examples: ??, \, +, *

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