Quickest Way To Parent Auras From Folder To BodyParts

In this folder i got all the auras i need for a character transformation, the problem is, i know how to do it but it will probably be inefficient, so i want a better way to parent all the particles to their respected bodyparts

The way you’re doing it right now is fine. Maybe you could cache all those particles so they only have to be cloned once onto the player but not sure if that would even make that big of a difference. Looks like you’re only cloning 30 particles which is not actually that much

You misread, these are particles inside of a folder in repStorage, i need to know how would i copy them efficiently and place them inside the respective bodyparts.

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Maybe something like this? (Rename folder to the exact body part it needs to go to)

local Character: Model = Player.Character
local ParticleFolder: Folder = ReplicatedStorage.ParticleFolder

local function Attach(bodyPart: string, particles: { ParticleEmitter })
	local Target = Character:FindFirstChild(bodyPart)
	if not Target then
		return --> Body part doesn't exist
	for _, particle: ParticleEmitter in particles do
		particle:Clone().Parent = Target

for _, folder: Folder in ParticleFolder:GetChildren() do
	Attach(folder.Name, folder:GetChildren())
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I’d rename the folders like “LArm” to match the actual bodypart name “LeftLowerArm” so you can just lookup the part directly. (Assuming we’re using r15)

local character = localPlayer.Character

--pretend "bodyPartWhitelist" is your folder
--and the "true" is the particles
local bodyPartWhitelist = {
	LeftLowerLeg = true,
	RightLowerLeg = true,
	LeftLowerArm = true,
	RightLowerArm = true,
	UpperTorso = true,
	Head = true,

for _, playerPart in character:GetChildren() do
	if bodyPartWhitelist[playerPart.Name] then
		for bodyPart, particle in bodyPartWhitelist[playerPart.Name] do
			local clonedParticle = particle:Clone()
			clonedParticle.Parent = playerPart

Damn, thank you for this. I’ll test it out.

actually think the other guys way is faster because he’s going through the folder table and checking if a part in the character matches instead of going through the character and checking if the folder matches