Quickly painting a mountain with my brush painting plugin

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I made myself a plugin in which you can paint or select objects with a 2D radial brush, similar to blender’s.

I dislike studio’s box selection tool and manually painting objects by selecting them, so I went ahead and made this.

Originally I had no plans on releasing it as a plugin, but I figured some of you out there may find use in it.
You can customize your keybinds too, to help against potentially conflicting tools.

I recommend you set the speed to 2x if you’re going to watch, although it’s only two minutes long

Here’s the plugin if you’d like it


That’s amazing!

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Should add a blend option, where the surrounding parts have their colour lerped towards the chosen one.

Heyo, I’m here again speaking about the plugin. It recently returned error of:
The current identity (5) cannot Class security check (lacking permission 3)

I wonder what caused that.

Planning on remaking this plugin soon. The UI is kind of janky and old and I want to add more things to it.

However I fixed a bug recently where this plugin wouldn’t work in team create.
For some reason, camera:WorldToScreenPoint/ViewportPoint doesn’t work properly in team create?
Adding in a custom function for this fixed the issue. Thanks to @Gusmanak for pointing this out to me.

Also added undo support using ChangeHistoryService and fixed some rebinding issues

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It works great in Team Create now! Thank you.

I have one tiny request, if you have the time. Could you please add a text input to the color selector, for RGB values? I would kill to be able to copy and paste an RGB value from a part or something, so I can consistently re-use colors between sessions.

I’d be happy to send you a few thousand robux or something for helping me out. Let me know if you can add this functionality.


It doesn’t seem to be working for me

Am I doing something wrong?

Also, shouldn’t this be posted under Community Resources?

I’m a little salty that my “cool creations” don’t get approved >;c

Cool stuff though!

You have to hold down the painting key, not LMB.

You can see what it is in the widget menu. It defaults to R I believe.

Also this post and plugin is pretty old. I don’t believe #resources:community-resources existed when I posted this.

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Please do! This would help me out a lot on custom low poly terrain. :pray: