QuickMaterial | An alternative to material manager

Hello fellow developers, today I’m introducing my plugin called QuickMaterial which allows you to replace material manager while setting Parts/Models materials as my plugin allows you to change materials with a comfortable small dropdown placed in the left of screen.

Why this over Material Manager?

  • Allows you to set Models material
  • Comfortable, doesn’t take way too much space in screen.





Go to Files > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts, then search “QuickMaterial” and you will be able to customize the key to toggle the menu.


lmao nice especially the rock lol


what the rock is cooking
nice plugin, i can just open this plugin and i can select my material on 0.00000001 seconds


Thanks for your feedback. Replies like yours, makes it worth to develop free plugins!

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This plugin indeed does look very clean compared to Roblox’s Material Manager!

I would personally love to see some features from Roblox’s Material Manager implemented to this plugin, the main features being Material Icons and the ability to edit custom Materials.

Here’s a quick edited image on how the updated UI could be done:

The capital “i” in front of all the materials is where the icon would go.

I also put a toggle to switch between “Set Material” and “Select Material”, Set Material makes any parts selected get the material applied, Select Material allows for materials to be selected so they can be edited.

I hope this feedback helps and if these changes to get made I will 100% use this instead of Roblox’s Material Manager, great work so far! :+1:


wat is dat!!!???!!1! o ma gawd da rocc eeting a pahncæk!!??1!!

In all seriousness, this plugin is useful for saving the time of developers although you can just press shift and select one basepart and another which will end up selecting all of them, thus you are able to edit all of the baseparts material at once. But some unsupported materials are there for baseparts, which could be useful I guess.

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disliked because you didn’t put the rock eating pancakes on the rock
I’d recommend adding a resize feature, since it still takes up quite a bit of space on the screen. Other then that good job!

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Well, the unsupported materials are now supported in the Material Service beta, so that’s why I implemented them in the plugin.

although you can just press shift and select one basepart and another which will end up selecting all of them

Yes, but the new material manager takes way too much space and doesn’t change the Material from a models. But again, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

An excellent plugin for me as a builder!
Question: where did you get the WoodPlanks texture? got surprised I was using the same one.

This is a cool and helpful plugin, but it may become obsolete soon. The developers working on the new material updates have said that they will be adding a quick material picker as a feature soon. In the meantime, this is pretty great.

the material manager is the most annoying thing i have ever seen thank you very much for this