QuickPerms - A small module for naming and checking requirements against players for your open source models


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QuickPerms is a module designed to be used in public systems to make it easier for your users to edit permissions, at the moment GUI systems released on the toolbox usually have a single line for group settings, this module allows you to ask your users to specify some permissions in your own script which your system can then check using QuickPerms. Once you have retrieved QuickPerms you can check permissions in just one line:

When retrieving QuickPerms you can also set up your own permission checks and tell users that they can add it.

local UserHasPermissions = QuickPerms(Player, "All", MyConfigScript.PermissionList)

Some examples are below, but see the GitHub for an in-depth explanation.

config.PermsType = "All"
config.PermsTable = {
	{"Player", "Name", "Alexplazz"};
local Perms = {
{"Team", "Police"}
{"Player", "Name", "Alexplazz"}

Include more documentation in the post and try not to force people to go to an off-site URL.

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the “off-site” url in question is github a resource owned by microsoft…

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