Quickrun - Plugin development assistant


Quickrun is a simple plugin that allows you to instantly test your Roblox plugins on the go without requiring you to publish them or save them locally. It’s very similar to Anaminus’s HotSwap plugin.


If you’re developing plugins, it can be a pain to keep publishing/saving plugins just to test a minor update. This was enough for me to write a plugin to help manage this process. It’s as simple as selecting your code and clicking the “Run” button in the plugins tab.


The plugin in the video is Words of Encouragement by pa00.


  • Simply select your plugin in the Explorer and go to the “QuickRun” plugin on the “Plugins” tab.
  • Now all you need to do is hit the “Run” button.


You can get the plugin here.

I’m expecting there to be at least some bugs, but I couldn’t find any with my testing. If you happen to find some, please report them in the replies or my discord. (Toxic#2799)


Want to check out the source without requiring to install it / download it? Check out the GitHub repository.


Update 1.0.1

  • Added some bug fixes
  • Added modules to a wrapped environment (finally)

Notify me of any issues, and enjoy!


It looks very nice, congratulations

Why not just use the official Plugin Debugger?

Bruh I didn’t know that existed. Well that’s quite annoying…