QuikPin portfolio

About Me

Iam a 16 years old modeler who’s have been modeling for 3 years. Character, weapon and prop models is my speciality.


You can view all of my models here: x.com


Iam available at 15pm-20pm everyday. My timezone is GMT+03:00


Basic character(like symbiote spiderman) model: 1500 robux/$35
Detailed character(Like The World from JJBA) model: 5000 robux/$35
Complex character(Like XE suit from Batman arkham origins) model: 10000 robux/$100

Basic prop(like a phone) model: 150 robux/$5
Detailed prop(like a tree) model: 300 robux/$10

Basic weapon model(like a bat) model: 250 robux/$5
Detailed weapon(like a knife) model: 750 robux/$10
Complex weapon(like a pistol) model: 2500 robux/$20


You can contact me with discord: quikpin