Quillum's Creation Gallery/Dev Portfolio

Hi, name’s Quillum (Username’s transquilleo) and welcome to my gallery of sorts that’ll be editing frequently for works and other sorts of things!
the pictures posted here are related or exactly on the topic of:
Models (both finished and unfinished work if interesting enough.)
rarely, textures but most of them sucks.
and now i somewhat animate!
and that’s about it, i’m not too interesting…

Model Showcases

Model showcases
(Desert eagle, 19 October 2021)

(LWRC IC SPR, 14 Jan 2022)

AKM, Remington 870, Many of the Classic Weapons by me, made/shared to 1 or 2 games i’m working around.
(All in the period of 6 months, which sucks.)
Jan 18 2022 - June 26 2022
Left to right, Oldest to Newest.

and here’s a much of props i did on a whim, for Business Day/Gunther (around June 2022)

Currently working on

a fighting game about men in suits, which has a testing place now!
and many unfinished things aside from the list of guns i got to myself…

Working around with

Zorbey Studios(Tiny group, working there as a Developer)
Billo/Inky’s Meow Meow Clan(Cool Group, Working there as a Main Developer)

Contributed to

Cosine Studio’s Bullet Frenzy, which includes:
M1A1 (Model and Animation)
Type 18 Murata (Model and Animation, gun is currently in testing)
Alatheian Consortium (Many weapons and Helmets)