Quirky Roads Creation

Hey so i made a game called Quirky Roads about dodging cars and getting to the other side ( you can tell where the inspiration is from) and I want to have high replay value, I’m not sure how to go about that. Thoughts?


This is pretty cool and has a lot of potential!

Something good for this would be level modifiers (like special stuff that could sometimes happen or be chosen) like low gravity, tons of cars, super fast cars, slow cars, different walkspeeds, different weather and times maybe too? (rainy, night, foggy, etc) Stuff like that would be cool to make the game more interesting and replayable.

I’d also recommend adding a bunch (maybe 2 or 3 to start off) of different maps / layouts for people to pick from since the main grass area with the plain straight roads and tunnels might get a little boring. What about stuff like a highway or big intersection? Hopefully some of these suggestions help you with the game because it seems like a pretty cool concept, just needs to be expanded more. Overall though it looks pretty nice so far.