Quivering Vehicles

As you can see in that gif, the vehicle shakes and quivers when moving. I’ve tried removing this by increasing the density of the wheels and the axles that contain the hingeconstraints that rotate the wheels, but that did not work. I’ve also increased the damping on the springs in the suspension, and this also had no affect. The wheels that drive the vehicle are not the ones that you see, the ones you see are just welded to invisible wheels. The actual wheels are parts with the shape set to Cylinder. Is there any way to stop this quivering? I know I’ve got to be doing something wrong, since other examples of vehicles moved by hingeconstraints do not do it. Thanks

Interesting note: the effect is minimized when turning.


as far as im aware, this is just a biproduct of the springs ‘wrestling’ with eachother, of course its less noticable/prevelant in corners because then one contracts, the other stretches, i dont know how to exactly fix this, but you should try some downforce on the main body

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I tried adding downforce and it had no effect on the shaking at all, no matter how much force I applied.

Try removing all physical properties from all the parts above the wheels and then use one part that stretches the length and height of your vehicle to handle the weight and balance. You can do this by tinkering with the parts physical properties. Sometimes wobble is the result of a weird center of mass.

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This completely fixed my issue, thanks

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