Quoting has outdated profile icons

This is a very minor bug that won’t affect users however I still think it is worth fixing it.

Whenever I quote someone’s post or topic and they change their avatar after I quoted them, their profile icon for that quote will not automatically update. If you are a visual person like me, you might find posts with a profile icon instead of a username. This disrupts my searching of posts created by the same person that was quoted because their icon has changed. If this was fixed, my user experience would be enhanced because I would be able to see updated and correct profile icons in quotes.


Can reproduce;

I also noticed this today, this might be recent or something.

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I’m fairly sure that this has been going on for a while since I have seen old threads with the same bug.

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Probably to be honest.

Here’s a post which this happens on:

(You need to click it to see it since it’s a quote. Oof.)

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I actually noticed this and didn’t pay attention to it. I changed my avatar and thought that Devfourm will soon update. It has been 2 weeks and I still have my ¬_¬ face even I am not wearing it right now.

That’s not the issue I was mentioning. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Whenever you quote someone and they change their avatar, the quote contains an outdated profile icon.

For your issue, log out of the devforum and log back in to get an updated profile picture.

This also happens if the person you quoted changes their username. When this happens, the profile image on the quote is a default shadow of a person.

Here is a screenshot of this with the username and the quoted text removed:


I don’t think this is a bug, I just think this is how things work out since your avatars don’t update automatically.

You have to log out, and log in again. That’s not what the OP is talking about, they are talking about quoting.

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This has always been happening. For me; it just updated after I got off the page and got back on. Sometimes you need to log out and back in though.

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The username is not supposed to update, when you quote something and view the raw text, you can see that unlike the profile picture, the name is built into the message.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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I would consider it a bug due to it interrupting my reading. Even the staff noted to use a workaround for updating profile pictures in general. The fact that quoting contains the same behaviour, this would be considered a bug since a workaround isn’t considered a fix. Profile pictures not updating automatically is also a bug however there is a temporary “fix”. A workaround does not mean something is not a bug.

That’s just a quick workaround. The point of this post was to shine a spotlight on the fact that profile pictures in quotes don’t update automatically. Either way, this bug disrupts my reading on the forums when looking for posts with the same profile icon. Logging on and out would still interrupt my workflow.

Just received an update on this issue. Apparently whenever the user changes their avatar and both the quoter and user reload the devforum, the outdated icon still appears. As of right now, the quoting icon does not update under no circumstance. Once again, this is very minor but disrupts my read-flow.

Example (click devforum link):