[r$ 100,000] [CLOSED] Hiring Qualified City Economy Scripter

City Game Economy System and Misc Systems Implementation

I am looking for a qualified scripter to script economy system framework, team-based income, stores, ATM/banking, mini-jobs, on-hand vs bank economy, money on death drop and etcetra. GUIs will be provided for you.

You would also have to implement the following systems and ensure compatibility with the economy system:

  • Vehicle spawners and its shop
  • Hunting system’s looting function
  • Arrest system’s bail function
  • Bounty system’s reward function
  • Bank robbery system
  • Tablet’s ATM function
  • and possibly other systems not listed

Again these systems are already complete or mostly completed and must work with the economy system. All portions of this commission must be completed fully in order to receive payment. There will be no partial payments for incomplete work due to the importance of this task.

I’d like for you to keep sanity checks, other measures of system anti-exploits and a low performance impact in mind when scripting this system wherever it is applicable. I would also like to ensure that the system is modular and easy to modify by those with minimal scripting knowledge. However performance and security measures are to be prioritized over modularity.

These tasks require fair knowledge in the scripting field. If interested please specify what you can do and what you can’t do in the scripting field along with a portfolio. The more experience the better as this is the final part of scripting before our game releases.

Payment: 100k robux, NO tax covered IF with shirt due to taxes coming out at r$42,857. Funds recommended as you would get the full 100k in the end. The robux should be fully DevEx eligible as its coming from our other successful games.

Deadline: 2-4 weeks non-negotiable.


The fastest way to contact me is through discord at trumbama#1779.
All other methods of communication including devforum chat will be significantly slower. Make sure you have read the entire post before contacting.

Also tell me how you found me and let me know you’re coming from this forum post.

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