[R%] Sapphire Military is hiring developers!

                  >>>> Sapphire Military <<<<

// What is Sapphire Military?

Sapphire Military is one of the most advanced clan in the clan world industry. We have technology far more advanced than all those that reign. We have existed for more than a decade, yet we remain in a dormant state; hibernating in order to preserve what we have. We are the destined guardians of our home planet Veldari. Under our glorious flag we step foot into places deep within the galaxy to fight other hostile worlds so we can remain free and at peace. You can send damage upon our bodies but you will never destroy our vitality. With courage commitment and honor we step forward to fend off our enemies, and endure and conquer those whose oppose our nation great nation.

// Our Technology

> Jetpack > Screenshot by Lightshot |
> UI Design’s > http://prntscr.com/o7ir3o | http://prntscr.com/og30wm |
> Building structure > https://gyazo.com/e3074df13c34fff83f7f757870c195ec |
> Verification System > https://gyazo.com/d3d31f3981042b931d328be27eaa9af7 |
> Artwork >

| |


// We are looking for…

Long term developers

  • Programmer - Highly efficient, master of Roblox Lua and very capable of all-area coding.

  • User Interface programmer - Able to design through coding specific generated designs that require laser precision and accuracy to our liking. Must be highly efficient

  • Builder - Capable of building at extreme measures builds. Capable of also lasting for the entire project and having a decent work all around. (When applying for this, we are looking for specific building style; Sci-fi/Halo) You will be needed to create majority of the building required, such as buildings, terrain and other diverse requirements that will be listed upon acceptance.

  • Modeler - Capable of creating complex and diverse models in software programs such as (Blender, AutoDesk Maya, Cinema 4d, Unity, etc) You will be tasked to create anything needed, so be prepared for vehicles, armor, weapons and so on.

// Payment Method

Your payment will be concluded at the end of all the work is completed in ROBUX.


Contact information
Discord - Skar#3122

When contacting please follow template below

Roblox Username:
Previous work:



I sent a friend request on discord. the name is BK

This is a little vague to say the least. Very few people are a master of everything ROBLOX Lua and the UI programmer description basically reads as “able to code specifically and efficiently depending on the UI” (which is sort of a given in any programmer).

I understand you’re trying to be general and vague because you want programmers that can pretty much do it all and are very versatile, but it would help to at least post a couple examples of what you want.

Not trying to be overtly critical, but this might help you get more applicants.

Also, what are the ballpark percentages that you are offering?


Well, first off we want to just focus on the clan side, this being weapon systems, raid systems, class system, the programmer we pick will begin work once the build itself is finish, I’ll be the one paying for everything

Once the build itself is done, we will have more of a picture of what needs coding and I can form up some sort of trello of everything you need to work on

However If we’re able to find a coder that is competent, we can discuss a % of revenue, however this is for later stages when we go into RP border.

how many builders are they needing?

We will only be needing one builder and one modeler. Both with obvious capable work to create a diverse design of the build we require you to do. We won’t need to many since (I am guessing) the ones we pick will be capable of sustaining long work & excellent building skills. Obviously the pay will be sizeable so that compensates for all the work done on the project.

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