[R$/USD] We Need A Clothing Designer!

About Us

Hi there! I’ve decided to finally start a company that I won’t give up on. I’m working on creating a clothing company on this platform that creates high quality clothing for the most affordable prices. We need clothing such as hoodies and jackets created and even maybe some realistic police uniforms.

The Team
@TheGuyThatScripts - Manager
@username - Designer 1
@username - Designer 2

About The Job

We need a mid-experienced clothing designer to design quality jackets and hoodies. We’ll require examples before hiring you and discuss the pay.


Payment is negotiable although we’re starting at 80R$ per clothing piece such as a jacket. We do have USD options as well if you prefer that.

Contact Us

Contact us here on the Developer Forum then you’ll be invited to join our Communications Server if we hire you.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

I have reposted this because I am now needing a new designer because the old one won’ respond and also the other topic was flooded with nonsense.


If you’re going to post the same topic almost word for word, please just bump the other topic. A clean new slate isn’t necessary to rehire.


It was flooded and now the posts were removed, but I’ll have to delete all my posts. Also only reply if your interested please!

I am interested but I do not have Builders Club. Other than that, I have designed clothes on my friend’s account. Will we be creating the clothes on our own account or on another template?

You’ll be required to send the template. BC is mot required.

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Okay, great! I am definitely interested then! :slight_smile: My discord is ZacZooZoo#4717

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