[R$100,000] Looking for a spell system

About Me

Hey there! I’m FragrantSummer. I’m a Roblox developer, and I’m seeking someone who is able to create spell and magic systems.

The Job

You’ll be needed to create the following:

  • :sparkles: magic system :sparkles:

Job Description

This job will be no easy task! You will need to script one with the following mechanics:

  • wand spell casting
  • dueling capability (fights)
  • blocking, mana, counter, exhaust, etc.
  • optimized while still being detailed
  • modular (I can expand onto it easily in the future)

Particles and wand meshes will be provided.

Contact Info

calamixy#0001 @Discord
@DevCalamixy @Twitter
calamixy@wearehackerone.com @Email


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