R15 Animation Tester - Rules & Guidelines for Players and Staff


Following guidelines apply to users of R15 Animation Tester. We want the game to be civilized, fun and enjoyable for everyone. Failure to comply with following guidelines may result in removal of permissions.

All Users:

  1. Follow the Roblox Community Rules: https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/203313410-Roblox-Community-Rules. Any user should report violations through the Report Abuse system. Violators will be removed from the server if the abuse does not stop. Wall posts in violation will be deleted.

  2. Do not play sounds in the game that are inappropriate in the context or loud with possible intent to annoy others such as screeching sounds. Violators will be removed from the server if the abuse does not stop.

  3. Do not spam or ask for Robux/admin. Messages will be denied, disregarded or deleted. Continued violators may be removed from the server or group.

  4. Feedback is appreciated. Negative feedback will not be deleted or disregarded.

Rules for Staff:

  1. Use moderation permissions for violations of the rules above only. Do not use for personal use against others or otherwise abuse. Ensure you can justify all your actions.

  2. Do not harm any players or otherwise possibly negatively alter their experience without permission from the players first. This includes killing and teleporting.

  3. Do not modify the game in any way that is against the Roblox Community Rules.

  4. Do not distribute moderation powers or assign new moderators without permission of the Head Moderator.

  5. Do not ban any users except in extreme cases and only with agreement of another staff member.

Any violation will result in a one day suspension. Repeated violations will result in termination.

Responsibility of Staff:

  1. Be familiar with the Roblox Community Rules.

  2. Keep order in game and on the group wall according to the Roblox Community Rules.

  3. Promote users in the group who are deserving to Tester and Helper according to group description. Recommend candidates for Moderator to the Head Moderator and candidates for Developer to the developers.

  4. Assist users with concerns.

  5. Fix any problems that may exits in the games if applicable.


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