R15 Avatar Importer imports a disfigured rig

So I have been dabling with custom avatars for a while and decided to learn how to do it properly. I got the rig set up with how Roblox wants us to do it through Blender. Everything is rigged how it’s supposed to be for a rig without mesh deformation (i.e. each bone is parented to a different mesh in the body). But I am still having an issue with the rig importing itself like this:

This is how the rig looks like in Blender:

I tried clearing the rig’s pose, rerigging, tried to import it in every other setting (the rig is originally intended for the R15 import) and even redid the project from scratch to make sure that I did the previous steps correctly and nothing seems to work.

If there is no other option for me than to keep the deformation, then it’s fine and I will adjust the mesh to accommodate for this, however I want to make sure that I can first get the thing to work in a way that I originally planned for it.

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