R15 Causes 1-3 Seconds of Lag on Player Entry!


Whenever a new player enters the game, the game lags up for a good 2 seconds. Everyone else on the user’s screen freezes up, indicating network lag.

I’ve been able to replicate this on an empty place, with just R15 enabled. In my experiment, I had one player run around in a circle in front of me, and another join the game. Upon the latter joining the game, the person running in a circle would freeze up.

It does not reoccur when a player respawns, only when a player joins the game. It seems to be at least slightly less laggy if they leave and rejoin, too.

Could this please be fixed, or at least an explanation for this given? My game is a fighting game, and a solid 2 seconds of lag every time someone joins can be incredibly negative to the gameplay.

Also, as an unrelated bug, sometimes R15 characters will spawn in dead.


Players joining games also cause clients in places with a lot of unique CSG to re-load all the CSG, causing immense lag.

Seems weird that it would happen on the server, and not per client. Maybe some verification process of the assets?

This would support the fact that servers started crashing when I hit a high number of players, as it’d have to bulk reload all of those assets per player at once.

I was talking about the clients in the server.

Has this situation improved? A few changes were made yesterday that might improve the load times of R15 characters.

If not, please provide us with more information about what you are seeing. From the original post, it wasn’t clear if the character freezing was from the player joining’s point of view or from the character already in the game’s. Any additional information about it would help us replicate what you are seeing and help fix it.

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Thank you so much!

You guys fixed it, no worries. I’ll update you if it lags when there’s lots of players in-game.

Any word on fixing the random deaths? (I can’t replicate this sadly)

We haven’t seen the random deaths before. If you can narrow it down to a reproducible test case, that would help us a lot. Otherwise, we’ll keep our eyes out for other occurrences.

It’s pretty rare, but yeah, players will just die upon spawning. I’ll update you yet again if I manage to pin it down to something, or if it happens again.

Happened to me too.
Upon respawning the player is unable to move and get’s respawned.

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