R15 /e salute Allows Clipping User Through Wall


With the release of the brand new R15 emotes, some problems have arisen. It has quickly been discovered that you can clip through walls up to 3.5 stud thickness using the following method. This is R15 exclusive. I’ve only seen one person know about this, but it is definitely sure to spread in popularity.

The Bug:


(Disclaimer: This bug is really inconsistent in reproduction. The method below is the best way I’ve personally found to make it work.)

  1. Equip a R15 animation pack that will have your back completely against the wall.
  2. Go up to a wall ≤ 3.5 studs and face your back against it. Use shiftlock to ensure you are aligned.
  3. Use the < or > key on your keyboard to make your camera completely opposite of your character and all the way over.
  4. Type “/e salute” in chat. As soon as you bend, enable shiftlock and you should clip through the wall.

Reproduction Game:

I’ve set up a series of 1, 2, and 3 stud thickness walls in this game that you may try to reproduce on.


Prevention Method:

A couple conventional methods of preventing this would be to either increase the wall size beyond 3.5 studs or to add a teleport/kill barrier beyond the wall, so the glitcher will not benefit from getting out of bounds.