R15 HumanoidRootPart Placement Changed

This has been a change that has happened a while ago for an unknown reason. Is there a reason why the R15 rigs HumanoidRootPart placement has been changed? If so how do I prevent it from being changed without disabling AutomaticScalingEnabled?

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The Announcement

Apparently you missed this, perhaps you can find the reason there?

The main reason is probably the rigging(animations too?) and some other difficulties calculating with the HumanoidRootPart. :thinking:

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The announcement for the change is available in the above post. This placement is handled by the backend when it constructs the character rig. I don’t believe you can revert this yourself. The most you can do is upload the old rig as StarterCharacter, however it won’t accommodate all avatar sizes and changing any of the scales will revert the position (as scaling is handed on the backend).