R15 Leftshoulder does not line up correctly


When you have R15 enabled and with/without an animation pack and have a shirt on, the left shoulder mirrors the the top of the arm. The bug happens everytime you wear any shirt with R15. It happens one hundred percent of the time. This applies to all R15 animations!

It is exclusive with the ROBLOX website; it doesn’t happen in-game.


See the following images where a user is wearing a shirt with R15 animations:

Click to show

Standard R15

Ninja Animation

Levitation Animation

Superhero Animation

Robot Animation

Cartoony Animation

If you want to try this yourself, here is the shirt
Shirt template

Other info:

The bug was discovered last night (Sep 28) by Felgrim


Does this happen in 3D or 2D mode?

3D mode is actually a lot different than 2D mode. 2D mode renders the avatar using a game client to make the thumbnail so the rule of thumb is if it works ingame, it should work in the thumbnail. (Unless 2D mode was changed on the Avatar page)

This happens in both 3D and 2D mode.

The fact that it happens in 2D mode but not ingame makes no sense. So I tried going ingame, and the bug still exists there.

It only happens on “Blocky” so this tells me the UV map for blocky is likely broken.


(This is now a client bug, not a web bug)
cc @CodeWriter

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I went ingame and the shirt is fine, however! I only went ingame using the ROBLOX site and not through studio. Did you go ingame through studio?

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The client and studio both give me the same result (as is to be expected)

I can’t entirely remember the details behind R15 implementation but if it’s the case where Blocky is an asset that comes with your install rather than the website, this bug could differ if you were on an outdated version but I really can’t remember if this is the case. This is not the case.

Are you on mobile, windows 10 app, windows, mac, xbox?

Both me and Felgrim uses Windows 10.

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Windows 10 app or install?

Windows 10 install.

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Can you try reinstalling roblox? It could be a cached asset. Then see if the bug happens ingame or not.
The fact that it happens on the website suggests the broken mesh may be the most recent one, and yours is out of date.

Reinstalled ROBLOX, the shirt is still fine when I load into a place.

This is quite the peculiar bug.

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Can you try manually wiping your cache?

It’s located at
(delete the contents)

I wiped my own cache to be safe and I still have the issue ingame, meaning the live asset is likely broken and you have a cached non-broken previous asset.

It worked fine for me, then I cleared my cache and now I see the issue in-game.

@CodeWriter has there been a recent update to the R15 LeftUpperArm mesh?

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Wiped the cache, it is now a persistent problem.

I thought it was just a web bug. oh no

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We will have the art team look into this. There was an update recently to the arms which might have adversely affected the layout. We’ll check out the changes to see if they were the cause. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Shoot a reply or a message when the art team resolves it

closure is always great :smile:



The LeftUpperArm mesh has been updated and should reflect the intended results. Please let us know if you see anything else out of the ordinary. Thank you.



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