R15 Morphs Feedback & Suggestions

So I’m an R15 morph designer and I enjoy creating morphs for a wide variety of different games. I have created some for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas recently. I always try to make my creations as accurate as possible to the real thing. I’d like your feedback on how they are looking, and suggestions if you’d like. Here’s some pictures below.


Big Smoke



They look really good, i like them, my feedback. Are you going to create like superhero morphs or SCP morphs F.N.A.F i would like to see different ones, but great job man i would suggest you should not make them wear the same shirt on the different kinds of morphs. But that’s really all hope to see more of this…!

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Thanks man. Regarding the shirts, I based them off of what the characters wore in the game, being very similar and very basic shirts. Sweet wore a plain green shirt while Big Smoke wore basically the same thing but a little darker and with some shirt detail. Same situation with Ryder.

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Oh alright, i see do you have any other morphs you going to, show very soon? or you just got the three right know.

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Yeah. I have made over two hundred morphs during my time as a morph designer. I’m thinking of new ideas everyday, and I highly appreciate your approval of these three morphs. Thank you.


Just a fair warning… Don’t mess with Rockstar Games, or Take Two Interactive. I hope you aren’t using them for any games. A copyright strike on Roblox would be the least of your worries.

On the other note I noticed them almost instantly. Very creative and well represented. Also the clothes is kinda rough looking… (or lacks detail). Which leads me back to my other point. I do hope its just a personal project not for profit. They don’t play, and will go as far as contacting an ISP in order to DMCA.


I made them as part of a collection more than for actual use unlike most of my morphs. It was primarily just to see if I could pull off morphs from a whole different game in general.


It looks great, hopefully we see more in the future!

T0ny gave you fair warning If you use someone else’s creation without first getting approval and the copyright owner contacts roblox, then the material will need to be removed and the account may be moderated.

BUT not every single company goes after roblox games. I haven’t heard about Rockstar Games reporting anyone on this platform before.

Sorry for the post.

Why don’t you create a portfolio to showcase all of them? I’d love to see them!

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