R15 Ragdolls / Humanoids

So I’m actually stuck making R15 ragdolls. I’ve tried like 6 different methods. Every single one, works fine in Studio, doesn’t work online. This is how they usually look:

I’ve done every single thing possible. BreakJoints, Humanoid.ChangeState, SetNetworkOwner, everything. I simply cannot get them to work with Humanoids, and there’s no way to get clothing on an NPC without a Humanoid that I know of. If I don’t use Humanoids though I can make the ragdoll parts work pretty well.

What am I missing here? How do I do this properly?

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@EchoReaper created a pretty good R15 ragdoll, I’d recommend taking a look it. https://devforum.roblox.com/t/r15-ragdoll-public-domain/31291

Tried it, but I’m trying to make persistent ragdolls, so they stay in the game. I actually dissected this script and made it work like that as one of my attempts, also didn’t work, did similar stuff to above.

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You’re going to need to provide much more information on what went wrong if you want a decent answer.

Edit your own rag doll script to have the rag doll persist, and try it online mode, it’ll look like the screen shot I posted.

Feel free to take a look at my Ragdoll script:

I’ve tested it online, and it’s used in a shooter game I developed a few months ago.

I assume by persist, you mean that the ragdoll doesn’t dissappear if the player leaves, or the character is destroyed, correct?



I also noticed something else, if the game is R15 and the Humanoid is set to R6, it acts like there’s no Humanoid inside. So my rag doll without a Humanoid actually works perfectly online. As soon as I set it to R15 it starts acting weird, this is my current iteration of the ragdoll script:

Not sure why Humanoids have to cause so much problems. It literally works without the Humanoid inside but Clothing only renders why a Humanoid for some reason.

Update: having some major network ownership issues.

If I don’t set ownership, it’s very glitchy.

If I set it to nil, it’s still kinda glitchy.

If I set it to the murderer though, I disabled ragdoll collisions with everyone but the murderer, and it makes the gameplay for that person very smooth… until they walk away, then they start glitching out like crazy. I think I might have to try anchoring them if the murderer walks away. Does network ownership fire .Changed? As far I can tell there’s no way to check with the network owner switches.

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Ayy man, thanks for making the ragdoll script! It’s the only one I could find that did what I needed and I couldn’t figure out how to make my own! :smiley:

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