R15 / Rthro Ragdolls

Was unable to find a soloution.

How do I use this module on a NPC?

I have one problem with new types rthro, why is any head accessories fall off?robloxapp-20210730-1028407.wmv (2.0 МБ)

@EchoReaper the attached Spaceship Test is no longer working, when I press K or R I do not see the Ragdoll effect, I just go into PlatformStand.

You can test out the ragdolls live in this place (K to kill yourself, or R to toggle ragdoll):

How to make the ragdoll move by pressing WASD on keyboard or moving the wheel on mobile?

Here’s my open source ragdoll concept which works and will be updated in future too! It’s for R15/Rthro also.
I hope this provides a solution for your query!

Been playing around with this for a while. There’s an issue with the ragdolls stuttering for everyone but the person who ragdolled. The fix to this:
1/ Go into RagdollHandler and go to line 46.
2/ make sure that hasRagdollOwnership(humanoid) == true
3/ Disable Ragdoll_Client

and it should fix the issue. @IISato this should fix your issue, im sorry if its super late

I dont think that will change anything. Like nothing.

the function returns the client controlling or true if its the server, i just make sure its true, and so that the ragdoll doesnt stutter, since it’s being controlled by the client. plus you havent even tried it

Yeah cause the script on the server is going to return true regardless. This doesn’t change anything, all you did was change some syntax.

have you even tried the solution :V usually people try before they dismiss something

I am not new to coding, I have studied this specific script through and throughout. Stop.

The reason the ragdoll stutters in the first place is because the client has control of it. Which is why doing the method I did ensures that the server has ownership of the ragdoll so that it remains smooth.

plus, that function won’t return true regardless. since if you still had the ragdoll client enabled, it’d return the player. you said you had studied the script through and throughout, but you don’t know what this function can return?

I got this weird issue where ragdolls just randomly stand up after someone leaves the game.


Humanoid State Types being wonky. You could add PlatformStanding as a ragdoll state and do Humanoid.PlatformStanding = true on the dead bodies

Makes them spasm, even connecting statechanged doesn’t fix it.
I just anchor them now, works fine.


An issue I found, is that if you weld a player to another player who is ragdolled, both players will ragdoll, despite only one player having the Physics humanoid state.

Also, if the non physics player jumps, the ragdolled player will get stuck into a kinda TPose but with their arms down, and won’t ragdoll. Attempting to disable the physics players constraints will kill him.

I’ve also seen this strange issue, which occurs after a user exits the game.

Unfortunately, I had the same spasm behaviour as @Nitefal while utilising PlatformStanding.
His approach of anchoring the character’s parts on the other hand works fantastically!
Here’s how to solve it: Alter the “characterRemoving” function under the “RagdollTestScript” and add the following code just before the clone is parented to workspace. (This method only works if you don’t need the characters physics anymore.)

function characterRemoving(character)
	--Above Code
	--Paste this before clone.Parent = workspace
	local parts = clone:GetDescendants()
	for i, part in pairs(parts) do
		if part:IsA("MeshPart") or part:IsA("Part") then
			part.Anchored = true
	clone.Parent = workspace
	--Below Code