R15 T-Shirt not lining up with character

With R15, a t-shirt misaligns itself a few pixels to the left. Example below:

With R6, it aligns perfectly. Example below:

The bug happens 100% of the time.

This is the T-Shirt in question; R15 bug tie - Roblox
This is the shirt that the tie needs to line up with: ◤YG◢ Bloxy Suit - Roblox

This bug happens on the website.

The bug started happening yesterday, on the 21st of Jan.


I have a T-shirt ‘pin’ which goes on the pocket of this particular shirt I wear.
On R6 it’s fine, but it is misaligned on R15 a bit left and down too, changes on scale as well. Bit annoying.


We’re looking into this.


Good to hear! :smiley:

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Do we have an update on this?


We have a fix for this. It should be live on desktop by Feb 14.

Are you in the situation where you bought a seat to the Bloxys and want to be wearing this clothing if you show up on stream?

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Yes, I’ve bought a seat at the Bloxys and I’d like to be wearing this attire. :smile:

I heard we’re using a custom Roblox client to record the Bloxy’s, so this fix likely won’t be active there. I recommend you bake the tie color into your actual shirt for now. Sorry it’s not ideal.


Has this fix been included in today’s update? As far as I can see it appears to still be broken for now.

In-game with R15

The fix for this was just enabled. Let me know if you see any problems.

After trying it today it indeed seems to have been fixed, so thanks a lot for that :smiley: