[R15/6] Armor Rigger | Streamline armor making process

LINK TO PLUGIN: R15/6 Armor Rigger

Easily weld parts to a player automatically using this plugin.

It would always take me a long time to rig parts to a player, specifically R15. It was tedious constantly testing to make sure ever weld fit perfectly on the model and making slight adjustments. I made this plugin personally for myself to streamline this process.

How to use:

Insert an empty armor rig from the plugin, which consists of a model with accessories.

Position the model inside the armor you made as if it were to be a player humanoid.

Parent ever part to the corresponding accessory in the model the plugin inserted.

Once you’re done giving each part of your armor a parent, it should look something like this.

Set the settings you want and press begin to rig the armor.

Now you can equip the armor anyway you want in your game, I use :AddAccessory().

This is the final product if all steps done correctly!


added R6 and updated with new UI and some bug fixes related to undo