R15ItemFix - Fix Roblox's R15 item bug!

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Hi all! I created a module to combat the recent Roblox bug that’s affecting all games. Essentially, newer items are not being loaded onto player characters when using a R15/Rthro rig. This module aims to fix the issue, allowing players to successfully wear some of their bugged items. It uses no predefined lists, meaning it’s future-proof!

To use the module, simply require it and then pass the player’s Character.

Example usage:

-- [[ Roblox Services ]] --
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

-- [[ Modules ]] --
local R15ItemFix = require(game.ServerScriptService.R15ItemFix)

	-- listen to when a player joined
		-- wait until the character has loaded in all asset content
		-- call the item fix on the character

The module does not make any API calls aside from the LoadAsset method. The module also assumes your character has already been loaded, so I suggest using CharacterAppearanceLoaded.


Actually pretty helpful! :blue_heart:

However the module could use some caching functions as you’re loading the item each time.

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LoadAsset actually caches by itself, so it should be fine on that front, but I could definitely add in a cache mapped by accessory id to content - would skip the LoadAsset call entirely. Thanks for the suggestion and kind words!

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This is really helpful Thank you so much!

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