[R$25] Desktop Icon Creator!

I am heading to bed, I’ll get back to the comms in the morning! (probly 12 hrs from post time)


Hey Devforumers!

Some of you may have been following my art pathway, as I’ve gone from learning GFX to Text Logos and Pixel Art but now I am utilizing my art skills to make custom desktop icons for you guys for pretty cheap.



Roblox Player (if you’re wondering, yes, feel free to download this image & use it):

More coming soon but you get what I’m making :smile:


Regular Icon: 25 Robux

Simple! One price fits all.

Disclaimer: If you ask for a crazy detailed logo, then your price may be increased to 50. I will always tell you how much it will be before I start so you can decide whether to continue the order :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading & stay safe out there! :mask: