[R$30K] Satisfying Gaming is looking for a talented scripter to work with!

About Us

We are satisfying gaming! We are a game developer who currently focuses on parkour and checkpoint games.

We’re Hiring!

We need a talented scripter who is willing to work on a project for a month or more and is willing to work hard and earn up hundreds of thousands robux with us.

The Team

@HexoIsRicherThanYou - Quality assurance, code review, terrain art. And small amounts of building and UI.
@You - Scripter Lead
@LikelySomeoneElse - Building Lead

About The Job

We are looking to transform our simple sandbox into an exceptional collect-a-thon with up to 100 collectables and many secrets and easter eggs.

  • You will be in charge of scripting the collectables. (Probably stars.)
  • You will be in charge of scripting game passes.
  • You will be in charge of tweaking the existing platforming mechanics to be easier.
  • You will make everything mobile compatible. (It mostly is!)
  • You will have fun with us!


We need to have the game out by the end of march. So consider if you can handle the work needed to push for that date before you apply. It’s not a very tight time as there’s not too much to do but consider anyway.


We’re going to pay 30K over the course of the development. And if you need any more payment we’re offering benefits and double payment after the game turns a profit. We’ll also hire you for even higher paying jobs in the future if you stick with us.

Contact Us

You should contact me via Discord, I’m extremely active there. Hexo#3998

I hope you will join us! :slight_smile:

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