[R$500K / $1750] Hiring a Secondary Programmer

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Skyrise Entertainment is looking for a part-time secondary programmer to fulfill a few necessary tasks crucial to our games infrastructure.

We need someone who can:

  • Create a car chassis similar to Jailbreak/Mad Cities with a boost option

  • Create a boat chassis similar to Jailbreak/Mad City/Fishing Simulator’s with a slight rock and turn that should work for large and small boats

  • Create a plane chassis similar to Mad Cities

  • Create a building system similar to Bloxburg but simple like Adopt Me’s with the ability to switch between Smooth Placement (click to place, click trash to remove, etc) and drag and drop (for mobile players or for players that wish to build in a different way)

With these tasks comes a hefty set of responsibilities, some being:

  • The ability to communicate frequently and provide an update at least once a day on the progress of the commission

  • 3+ years of experience with scripting, preferably some with cars, boats, planes, or building mechanics

  • The ability to stress-test often and be able to accept that there will likely be bugs or things to be changed as you go

  • A healthy attitude and a portfolio with applicable scripting experience in metatables and module-based programming

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Regarding payment, we can pay a few different ways.

Method 1: Properly assessed and quality-based payments for each individual task (chassis, system, etc). This means you will be paid after each major task on the quality of work you did.

Method 2: Flat rate at the end of the commission, negotiable.

Method 3: A small percentage ranging from 5-10% of the games profits, we can negotiate the projected success of the game if you are interested in this option.

Our teams budget for this commission: R$500K / $1750


May 6th - Start Commission

May 13rd - Completion of Car Chassis

May 17th - Completion of Boat Chassis

May 23rd - Completion of Plane Chassis

May ? - Completion of Building System (Primary programmer will assist)

While this is a time-demanding commission, we do have our teams programmer to assist you in any mechanics. We are hiring you for time, as we are on a deadline.

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Skyrise Entertainment is a private game development studio looking to expand the classic genre of games.

If you have any interest in contacting us at this time, you may do so with these contacts:

Devforum: Messages


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Payment has been updated to fit the requirements everyone.

Old: $750 USD

New: $1400 USD for all listed mechanics or 5-10% game profits

Contact me at Pixepel#4553 if interested.

If you do not wish to do the building system, only the chassises, you may still apply.

Pls contact me at |¤_×|#1434 on Discord

My discord is Pixepel#4553, if you are interested in the position please contact me there.

I have friended u on discord u just very got to me :frowning:

The payment for the commission has been updated once more.

New options:

1 - 500K R$

2 - $1750 USD

3 - 5-10% game profits

@Pixepel, I am looking to work for this, but I don’t need as much pay as your looking for, I don’t understand what you mean by chassis. I am a moderately advanced scripter and I have some experience in vehicles. I have experience in module scripts and I can learn very fast, I would like to do another project if available or take a go at the chassis.

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