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How do I change the R6 Swimming Animations? I noticed that only R15 have actual swimming animations built into the Local Animation Script. I’m confused on what to do.

You don’t. The R6 swimming animations are the walk/run animations.

Yeah, but I’ve seen games like Feudal Life do it. They have custom Swim animations, while being R6

Are you completely sure these aren’t R15 characters while the animations move only the shoulders, upper legs etc.?

It’s R6, I checked their joints.

Then I am not sure, sorry.

i know i’m EXTREMELY late but i have the solution as i’ve recently asked the same question. replace the onSwimming function on line 426 with

function onSwimming(speed)
	if speed > 1.00 then
		local scale = 10.0
		playAnimation("swim", 0.4, Humanoid)
		setAnimationSpeed(speed / scale)
		pose = "Swimming"
		playAnimation("swimidle", 0.4, Humanoid)
		pose = "Standing"

be sure to also of course add two animations “swim” and “swimidle” to the animNames list and to also add two string values into the animate script named “swim” and “swimidle” once again

hope this helps!

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