R6 arms as viewmodels

No, this is not a viewmodel rig.

Yeah that’s right, it’s not. It’s a script that automatically makes your arms follow your camera like a viewmodel

It only works for R6 rigs though so don’t get angry at me if it doesn’t work on R15. I’m still working on that.


How to use

Plop it down in StarterGui or StarterPlayer and you’re done.
You can edit a few of its attributes by selecting the script and editing the attributes. They’re mostly self explanatory.

If ViewmodelSway is enabled, the arms will sway based on your camera movement
If WalkCycle is enabled, the arms will do a procedurally generated walking animation. It adjusts its speed based on your character’s WalkSpeed

FirstPersonArms.rbxm (3.6 KB)


Hello, this is a very great viewmodel script, small question tho, does the viewmodel offset update after you change it while game is running, if so it can be usefull since some guns are position weirdly so if the offset isnt able to update it can look weird on some stuff, you know? (if not it would be cool if you used runservice and made the offset update live)

(pretty late but i’ll just answer that for you)
it should be updating fine inside PlayerGui

Alright thank you very much, by the way for me its a little choppy the viewmodel, im not sure why because i run 60 fps sorry for asking so many questions.